Thursday, March 24, 2011

Laziness, my ugly side

I think I have at least one of every "rare" pattern in the game.  You know, the Lifelike Mechanical Toads, the stats to chest, the arcane bombs, all that jazz.  Thing of it is, I don't even remember which guild bank I have them in.  Tonight begins project clean sweep.  A cleaning out of the banks.  There really is no reason for me to have 1000 or so of each uncut uncommon cata gem.  This is where it starts, cut, vendor, cut vendor.  At least I can do this part mostly afk.

My goal is to have the banks mostly sorted by tomorrow evening.  My advice to you is this.  Don't let the guild banks get too out of control.  Just as in real life, it is easier to keep it clean as you go then to wait until it is a total disaster and do it all at once.

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