Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My server is just full of gold...makers.

Warcraft Econ has a section called the Hall of Fame.  It features players who have amassed a certain amount of gold (250k, 500k, etc etc).  The other day I saw Êxcess made the 250k club.  Hey cool, he plays the horde side AH on my server.  Well today, WarcraftEcon featured Altolycus, also horde side my server.  I've been reading Alto's blog almost since the beginning, and I never even realized we played the opposite side of the same coin.

I guess it's a small world (of warcraft) after all.

At least these two aren't stealing my profits.  But I have to wonder exactly how many gold collectors reside on Ghostlands-US.

Friday, January 21, 2011

30k worth of Elementium Ore on the wall, 30k worth of Elementium....

And I just had to scoop it up.  60g a stack is just too good.  I'm bringing over 3 alts from another server to join my gold mill later this evening as well.  All and all, today was a good day.

I hit a personal milestone as well the other day.  I joined the 500k club!

I'll have a more informative post soon, I promise.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Alchemist Stones

Quicksilver Alchemist Stone
Volatile Alchemist Stone
Vibrant Alchemist Stone

Volatile Life will probably be pretty hard to come by once the patch rolls around, so if you can find it cheap, you could probably make a little extra flipping it.  Flask mats are also changing to 2 more Volatile Life, and a few less herbs.

Just a little something to watch out for.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Three weeks since MySales install

I installed the MySales addon three weeks ago.  I'd been meaning to for a while, but I never got around to it.  This addon is amazing for tracking what exactly it is you are selling.  I had no idea I had moved so much Volatile Earth, especially since I had only got into the market this week.  I was bored and decided to prospect some of my stockpile of Pyrite Ore that I had acquired when it was around 150g a stack.  Little did I know the profits I was falling into.  Anyway, the MySales screen...

-11k in Volatile Earth all from prospecting Pyrite Ore
-7.5k in Volatile Air from Transmuting (life bought for 5g, air sold for 40ish)
-4k (had some more sales since the screen) in Infinite Dust from DEing JC rings (shadowmight mostly, eternals stockpiled @ 1.5g snatch)
-Greater Celestial Essence and Hypnotic Dust from the new shuffle

It goes on, you can pretty much tell where it all came from.

 Obviously this isn't all profit, and doesn't count in person sales (most of my Darkmoon Cards), but it's an idea of what I'm doing.  Cataclysm has treated me well.  Hope it has and will continue to do the same for you.