Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Agile Shadowspirit Project

It was a huge success for a long time.  I sold over 50 of them for about 1000g a piece.  Great profits!  Until other folks started getting into the market, undercutting me as soon as I posted.  What's a goblin to do?  Well, make them pay of course!  Prices were slashed, in half at first.  500g each.  A few followed, a few hated.  A few price drops later, I was moving them as fast as I could cut them for 275g.  The profits weren't as good as when I had started, but neither was the market.  All in all, the 2000g I spent on the recipe was worth it.  Hopefully the 20k gold the competition spent on it was not.  You no take my market!

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