Saturday, June 25, 2011

Patch 4.2 stuff

The time has come.  Are you ready?  Have you stockpiled enough?  Is there such a thing?  Ready or not, here it comes.  (I'll miss you keyring!)

Here's a quick rundown on items you should have been stocking up on already. If you haven't, better move quick!

-Inferno Rubies
If you don't have a jewelcrafter, don't worry.  These will still sell raw and uncut.  If you DO have a jewelcrafter, be ready to start cutting and posting.

-Inferno Ink
New Relics?  Don't mind if I do...

-Volatile Fire/Volatile Water
All that new PvP gear has to come from somewhere.  Don't worry about finding the new recipes, your old ones get a free upgrade.

Supplies seem to be dwindling, and with an upcoming increase in demand, keep your eye on prices.

-Enchanting Mats/other gems
Item enhancements are going to be hot with point system shuffle taking place.  Be ready to capitalize!

Sure there are other crafting items that are going to sell well, but I think these are going to be movers and shakers.

What are your stashes looking like in the days leading up to Patch 4.2?  Do you think you have enough?

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